Exercise Biceps

Exercise Biceps
Exercise Biceps
Exercise Biceps
Exercise Biceps

Exercise your biceps to get stronger, more defined arms and to look good in sleeveless shirts. Exercise biceps with curls, push-ups and chin-ups.


Your biceps is a muscle group with two heads located on your upper arm, it is a small but visible muscle group. You get a lot of information about the muscle group only by the name: Bi means two, ceps means head and brachii means arm.

The function of the muscle is to flex your elbow, and this is exactly what you do when you exercise biceps with a biceps curl. It also has a function to rotate the under arm. Your biceps is about one third of the muscle mass of your upper arm, meanwhile the triceps is two thirds. 
You use the biceps in many daily upper body activities, and this is also a reason why you should exercise biceps


Curls is a probably the most known way to exercise biceps. Do this exercise with a pair of dumbbells, keep your elbows to the side of your body and don't move them during the exercise. Curl one hand up to your shoulder with the palm facing the shoulder.

Lower again and repeat with the other arm.

Don't forget to take heavier dumbbells when you have been working out for a while, to increase weight is effective to get result when you are exercising biceps. You can change the grip to alternate the exercise, use a wide grip, narrow grip or do ez curls.


Rotating curl to exercise bicepsThe bicep muscle has a function to rotate the under arm and this is why it's good to do this exercise. First grab two dumbbells with straight arms, palms facing the sides of your body and keep the elbows stuck to the side of your body during this exercise.

Now pull up, when you are half-way up, start rotating so your palms are facing your shoulders when you reach them. Then slowly lower again, and rotate back on the way down.


The hammer curl is a good way to exercise biceps. This exercise is like the traditional curl, but your palms are facing your body, you grab the dumbbell as you would grab a hammer. Go as high as you can without doing moving your elbows from your side, and try to lift heavier than the other biceps exercises, sometimes you are stronger on the hammer curl. 


You can have dumbbells at home and do all the curls above at home, but you can also use your own body weight as in the following exercises for biceps.


Push-ups is not only exercising your chest but is also exercising biceps. Stand on your knees or toes, if you do the push-up on knees, remember to try on your toes sometimes to challenge yourself. Have both hands with palms on the floor shoulder-width apart, go down, keep a straight back and almost touch the ground with your nose and then - push yourself up! 


To exercise biceps, the chin-ups is one of the most effective ways. You do a chin-up with a bar by grasping the bar with your hands shoulder-width apart. Pull your body up until your elbows are at the side of your body.

Then lower again until the arms are fully extended again. If you don't have a bar you can try by hanging from roof rafters or on a bar at a playground. To do a chin-up is a real challenge for the most of us, and you can start with assistant from a person or a band. 

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